Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yesterday i went with the Hobbs family to Indian river we had lots of fun. We went up and down the river, jumped of rocks(not me),and tried move some of the river to make it go faster in some places.(you can ask papa Tabach and miss Hash more about that). on our way home we went to Hardy's  for some burgers and made it home. 

dear people of god my dad and i are leaving for Africa on Tuesday at about 6 or 7 in the morning so our last day in the village is Monday (just saying).


  1. no, cannot. it just has white spaces, like the comment box, where your text should be. Weird thing is i could read it in my email.....strange.

  2. you probably made your letters white and highlighted it white also. You should try editing it.

    1. no it didn't work Hada, although it may be my laptop because i haven't used this one for blogging other than today.

      that probably sounds stupid but that's the only guess i have.