Saturday, June 30, 2012

we made it to Africa. we bought a thing for internet (not sure what its called yet).
 At the hotel
 niki at java with us
 at java
on the way to nakuru (i got a hambuger) Geoge called it a badger


  1. Zach, glad you made it safe and sound. Hey, sorry that when I jumped in the Skype conversation I didn't say HI to you.!! Maybe we can Skype with you ourselves soon. You gotta see Judah's new hat for the garden:). Wow what a heat wave over here. The farmhouse wasn't too bad ....Til the 1:00 tomato sorting party. There was about 15 yellow trays of tomatoes Friday! See, don't you miss us now?
    Glad you're there in Africa, Zach. You're gonna have a fun adventure.

  2. Hey Chamley! It is great to see pictures and the latest news! glad you're there!

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    1. Glad you made it safely!! Hope you have an awesome time!!

  4. Wow, suitcase looks great! Kay said to tell you she misses you and can't wait until you get home....HAVE A GREAT TRIP!